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My sketch was inspired by Joy Division’s most famous album cover from his Unknown Pleasures album. This has been a favorite album of mine for quite some time and that is why I decided to create the cover for this project. Here are 3 inspiration photos/gifs:

Here is a link to the progress of my final sketch. I am still trying to get the formatting of the lines correct in addition to adding a moving component.

For this assignment, I attempted to recreate the Casey Reas image on the right that can be seen below.

This work from Casey looks like it includes an array of lines that jitter around, leading me to make the following list of numbered rules to create my piece:

  1. Create an…

For this assignment, I extended the class to look like a garden pinwheel spinning in the wind.

I used this image for reference and coded a series of petals in the class rotating at different angles around the center.

For this assignment, I took the game I created last week and added a class to make the game more challenging. I was inspired by the following games, and I also found some inspiration from Tim Szetelat’s work:

For this assignment, I got inspiration from the following 3 images:

The Tim Szetela piece I tried to recreate:

It looks like Tim used a Nested For Loop to clone and stack circles both horizontally and vertically. It also looks like he used rotate() in some way to make each individual circles circulate around its center. Based on this, I decided to use a Nested For Loop with multiple ellipses being stacked ontop of each other, using a color dropper to replicate the colors. I also used rotate() to make the circles circulate. For one of my modified sketches I changed the circles to squares and altered the rotation so all the squares circulated in the same direction. For the other modified sketch I changed the size and colors of the circles, making them bigger and brighter.

I found inspiration from the following 3 games:

The most challenging part of programming this piece was using the mouseX variable on the stems because it took awhile for me to get them to move nicely whenever you hovered over the screen. I want to eventually learn how to make the cherries 3D to add more dimension.


Learning how to program

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